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LKU-S04ASK Linkskey 4-port Slim Palmtop USB Audio & Mic KVM Switch w/ Cables



The Linkskey LKU-S04ASK Slim Palmtop USB KVM Switch is a 4-port compact USB KVM Switch with Audio and Mic switching function.

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Product Description

The Linkskey LKU-S04ASK Slim Palmtop USB KVM Switch is a 4-port compact USB KVM Switch with Audio and Mic switching function. The console USB allows you to use USB keyboard and mouse. Linkskey LKU-S04ASK gives you access, control, boot and reboot four USB-enabled multimedia computers with only one USB keyboard, one mouse, one monitor and optional speaker set and microphone.
Win-based Switching Software Support on PC
The Linkskey LKU-S04ASK also provides a Win-based Switching Software that shows you the current active PC and allows you to select PC as well as configure keyboard hotkeys. It appears as an icon on the system tray of your Window desktop, and will change its number icon upon switching to show the active PC port. Using this small client software, KVM users get the utmost convenience.

Audio and Microphone Switching offers uninterrupted multimedia experience
The audio and microphone switching function of Linkskey LKU-S04ASK allows you to leverage the multimedia systems on each of your computers. You can monitor the audio/mic input/output of each computer without plugging on and off the audio/mic cables. User can also choose to use either independent/simultaneous switching of both PC channel and audio/microphone channel for their maximum convenience. And it takes only one set of speaker and microphone instead of one set for each computer. Furthermore, it offers user-programmable simultaneous/independent PC and audio/mic switching function for flexible multimedia and KVM Switching operation.

USB interface compatibility for multi-platform support
The USB interface technology offers multi-platform support for PC, Macintosh G3/G4 and iMAC. [The KVM Switching Software client supports only Windows platforms].

4-port Slim Palmtop USB Audio & Mic KVM Switch
Support USB Keyboard and USB Mouse
USB 1.1 Specification compliant
Supports PC Port Switching
Supports Audio and Microphone Switching
Supoorts Switching Software (Windows Only)
Supports Hot-plugging without Powering down
User Definable Hotkeys
LED for easy status monitoring
Supports High VGA Resolution up to 2048 x 1536
USB Interface Power
Model LKU-S04ASK
PC Connection 4
Console Connection 1
Cables 4 x Integrated HDB 15-pin Cables (USB/VGA Integrated)

4 x Audio/Mic Cables (3.5mm)
Cable Length

(For All Cables)
About 6 foot
PC Port Connectors

(All Female Type)
4 x HDB 15-pin (For PC Video)

8 x 3.5mm Audio/Mic Jack (For PC Sound)
Console Port Connectors

(All Female Type)
1 x HDB 15-pin (For Monitor)

2 x USB Type A (For Keyboard & Mouse)

1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack (For Speakers)

1 x 3.5mm Mic Jack (For Microphone)
PC selection Push button / Hotkeys / Switching Software
VGA Resolution Up to 2048 x 1536
Power Type USB interface power
Size Slim Desktop
Housing Plastic
Dimension (mm) 161 x 70 x 26 (L x W x H)
Safety / Emission FCC, CE
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Package Contents
1 LKU-S04ASK 4-port Slim Palmtop USB KVM Switch
1 Utility CD-Rom (with Switching Software)
1 Quick Installation Guide
4 Integrated Cable
4 3.5mm Audio Cable

LKU-S02ASK, LKU-S04ASK, LDV-212ASK Utility   Version: 2.44   OS:    Size: 639.8 KB

LKU-S02ASK, LKU-04ASK Utility and Manual   Version: 1.32   OS:    Size: 2.5 MB

LKU-S02ASK, LKU-S04ASK Quick Installation Guide   Version: 1.60   OS:    Size: 400.8 KB

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