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In what case do I need AC adapter for LKV-S02SK or LKV-S04SK? What’s the spec for the AC adapter?

Although AC Adapter is not required to make the kvm switch work properly, we want to provide the option to add AC Adapter in some cases when mouse and keyboard does not respond when booting up the 1st system. Usually rebooting the system will activate the mouse and keyboard. This may be due to timing of power drawn from PS/2 keyboard and mouse. As long as the 1st system is on, you should have no problem detecting mouse and keyboard when booting up the remaining systems.

Another scenario is when using the KVM for video sharing only. Normally the LKV-S02SK / LKV-S04SK gets power from any PS2 connections. If no keyboard or mouse connection to the KVM, a power adapter is needed.

Here’s the spec for the AC power adapter for LKV-S02SK and LKV-S04SK.
Part# LKV-DC9-120-5A

Output: DC 9V 500mA
Polarity: (-)—(o—(+)

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