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Important hardware setup sequence for the Dual Monitor USB KVM Switch.

For setting up the LDV-DM702AUSK, LDV-DM704AUSK, LDV-DM712AUSK, LDV-DM714AUSK, LDV-DM202AUSK, LDV-DM204AUSK, LDV-DM722AUSK, and LDV-DM724AUSK, please follow the instructions below for the setup sequence.

1. Power up your kvm switch by connecting the AC power adapter to kvm
2. Connect all the shared devices to kvm
3. Connect each of your computers to the kvm switch, using provided cables
4. Power up the connected computers one by one. After your computers are powered up, the keyboard and mouse will be recognized and now you can begin operating the kvm switch.

Posted in: KVM Switches