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I have LKR-604 router set up at home. How can I access to my home network remotely?

The firewall is blocking all the incoming access by default. If you are trying to access something behind the router through the internet, you need to setup the virtual server to enable the access.

You can do that by going into the router’s configuration page.
1. Go to Advanced Setup | NAT | Virtual Server.
2. Add the IP of the system that you want access and the port #.
3. Click “Apply” to save settings.

I have LKR-604 router and believe WAN port might be bad. How to trouble shoot WAN port?

You can test the wan port connection by making wan port connect to port 4 and have one of your system connect to port 1. Setup the router to use Dynamic IP for wan port, and then check the status page of the router’s configuration. If the wan port gets IP from the router, the wan port is good. Also try to ping the wan port IP address. If can’t ping, the wan port may be bad.

Can I change the IP address on my router LKR-604?

Yes, you can change the LAN IP at the router configuration webpage. Go to Advance Setup and modify the LAN IP address and save settings. Please check the package manual P.21 for details on Advance Setup.

How to reset LKR-604 to factory default settings?

Use a pin-shape item to push the reset button for 3 seconds on rear panel of the router. You can reset to factory settings while all data and power cables connected to the router.

I can’t link my cable modem to the LKR-604 router. Our network end works fine but can’t go online.

Please try the steps shown below. The sequence is very important.

1. Power off the cable modem, router and computer.
2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the cable modem.
3. Unplug the power cord from the router.
4. Wait 30 seconds then reconnect the power to the cable modem
5. Wait 2 minutes to allow the modem to connect. The modem connection lights will be solid.
6. Reconnect the power to the router
7. Wait 2 minutes to allow the router to connect.
8. Turn on your computer
9. Attempt to surf the internet to verify connectivity