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KVM Switches

Can I mix DVI and VGA video sytems with your LDV-212ASK?

For the LCD monitor with separated DVI and VGA connectors, kvm users with mixing of one DVI and one VGA video systems must use C-DVY-06 monitor Y cable to combine the two connectors from the monitor and connect to the kvm switch console DVI port.

For the LCD monitor with DVI-I connector only, kvm users can mix DVI and VGA video systems w/o purchasing additional cable.

For the LCD monitor with DVI-D connector only, kvm users can only use DVI video systems.

Do I have to use all the ports on LKV-248AUSK in order to make it work?

The keyboard, mouse, video, and audio functions are all working separately. It means you can have just one, all, or any combinations of all. For example, you can just use the kvm for keyboard and mouse sharing. Or you can use the kvm for just video sharing. Or using all(keyboard, mouse, video, and audio) is fine and it is the primary goal of our kvm switch.

PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse work with PC PS/2 and PC USB connections.
USB keyboard and USB mouse work with PC USB connnections only.

Do I have to run dual monitors with this switch, or can I just use a single monitor?

The keyboard, mouse, video, and audio functions are all working separately. It means you can have just one, all, or any combinations of all. For example, you can just use the kvm for keyboard and mouse sharing. Or you can use the kvm for just video sharing.

The dual-monitor kvm switch video console ports are separated ports. So you can use either one or both. The only common thing is when port-switching the two monitors switch together.

Important hardware setup sequence for the Dual Monitor USB KVM Switch.

For setting up the LDV-DM702AUSK, LDV-DM704AUSK, LDV-DM712AUSK, LDV-DM714AUSK, LDV-DM202AUSK, LDV-DM204AUSK, LDV-DM722AUSK, and LDV-DM724AUSK, please follow the instructions below for the setup sequence.

1. Power up your kvm switch by connecting the AC power adapter to kvm
2. Connect all the shared devices to kvm
3. Connect each of your computers to the kvm switch, using provided cables
4. Power up the connected computers one by one. After your computers are powered up, the keyboard and mouse will be recognized and now you can begin operating the kvm switch.

Does Linkskey Dual Monitor DVI USB KVMs support cordless or high-end keyboard/mouse?

The console keyboard and console mouse ports have emulation and support all types of advanced keyboards and mice.

With the TTU Emulation Technology, our kvm switches are capable of a complete versatility in dealing with the complete functional requirements of all types of advanced keyboards and mice. No matter users are using gaming mice or gaming keypads for high performance in exciting gaming sessions, or they are using same advanced keyboards and mice in other high-profile computer maneuvering actions, they can always appreciate what the TTU technology can do for them – a smooth and faithful emulation that not only duplicates all the functionalities of that keyboard and mouse, but also stabilize the switching actions with a impressive switching speed.

Note: KVM hot-keys are only available when the keyboard is connected to the console keyboard port.


Can I use a PS/2 converter for the USB keyboard and get the KVM to work with hot keys?

If your keyboard comes with the PS/2 adapter, you can convert the USB keyboard and use it as a PS/2 keyboard. Please use the PS/2 converter and connect the keyboard to the system directly to make sure the system detects the PS/2 style of keyboard before using it with the kvm switch. If it works, then it should work with the KVM too.

If your USB keyboard does not come with the PS/2 adapter, it may be the keyboard is not compatible with PS/2 bus and it will not work even you find a similar adapter.

What type of DVI connector do I have?

Compare your display card connector to the picture.


In what case do I need AC adapter for LKV-S02SK or LKV-S04SK? What’s the spec for the AC adapter?

Although AC Adapter is not required to make the kvm switch work properly, we want to provide the option to add AC Adapter in some cases when mouse and keyboard does not respond when booting up the 1st system. Usually rebooting the system will activate the mouse and keyboard. This may be due to timing of power drawn from PS/2 keyboard and mouse. As long as the 1st system is on, you should have no problem detecting mouse and keyboard when booting up the remaining systems.

Another scenario is when using the KVM for video sharing only. Normally the LKV-S02SK / LKV-S04SK gets power from any PS2 connections. If no keyboard or mouse connection to the KVM, a power adapter is needed.

Here’s the spec for the AC power adapter for LKV-S02SK and LKV-S04SK.
Part# LKV-DC9-120-5A

Output: DC 9V 500mA
Polarity: (-)—(o—(+)

What is IP-based KVM Switch?

IP-based KVM switch allows you to control one or many computers locally at the server site or remotely via the internet using a standard browser. You can securely gain BIOS level access to systems for maintenance, support, or failure recovery over the internet. Communication is secure via SSL encryption. Use in conjunction with a KVM switch for multiple-server access.

I have 4port DVI KVM Switch. When I turn on PC2 while the KVM is on PC1, the display becomes garbled.

Booting the 2nd system while working with the first one may be possible, this power up sequence is not suggested for all the 4port DVI KVM switches. The correct way is to power the first system and wait until the OS is fully booted, then switch to the next port and power up the next system.

Does your DVI KVM switch support video resolution 1680 x 1050?

Yes. Our DVI KVM switches support all sizes monitor display as long as the total resolution is less than 1920 x 1200.

How do I switch from one system to another with the KVM?

KVM’s generally have two ways to switch from one system to another: by pressing a button on the KVM or using a hotkey. Hotkeys for some KVMs are preset, and are listed with the KVM documentation while others can be custom set in some manner. High end KVMs may even have an OSD (on screen display) that you can bring up via hotkey when you can select the system via an on-screen menu.

Can I purchase a longer integrated (video/keyboard/mouse) cable for LKV-S02SK and LKV-S04SK because my computers are farther than those 4/6ft cables come in the box?

Yes, we have 6ft, 10ft and 15ft integrated KVM cables. Part# C-KVM-SC6, C-KVM-SC10, C-KVM-SC15. Another option is to add extension cables to each features (video, keyboard and mouse) on your PC side. You can extend the PC end with regular VGA cable and two PS/2 extension cables.

You can not add VGA extension cable on KVM side because most VGA cable does not have all 15 pins connected. It is important to point out that video cable not to exceed 15ft for good imaging.

My computer systems do not support dual monitors from their video cards, Will they still work with your Dual monitor KVM switch?

No, our KVM switch does not add any extra features to your system if your systems do not already have.

Will I have to install any software on my computers to use KVM?

No. KVM Switches are a hardware-only solution to server management. They are designed to not intrude on server performance thus are plug and play.

What is OSD?

OSD Stands for On Screen Display. This is a graphical representation of which computers are connected to the KVM Switch and allows you to select them without pushing the button on the KVM Switch or using Hot Key Switching. If you have a multi-user switch, this can also show you who is accessing which computer.

What is a KVM Switch?

KVM Stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. In the strictest definition of the term, a KVM switch allows you to use one keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse to operate several computers.