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Welcome to the Downloads section.

This section includes product-related digital downloads, including:
– Quick Installation Guides
– User Manuals
– Drivers
– Utilities

For the quickest results, please enter the product’s model number (i.g. “LKG-6100”) into the Search box below. ┬áThe tabulated list of items will update and output the filtered results in real-time.

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NameRevisionCategoryDescriptionOperating SystemSize
LDE-050 Quick Installation Guide1.40Cables & Adapters441.2 KB
LDV-002EASK, LDV-004EASK Quick Installation Guide1.00Desktop1.5 MB
LDV-002ESK, LDV-004ESK Quick Installation Guide1.31Desktop726.6 KB
LDV-212ASK Quick Installation Guide1.3Desktop1.0 MB
LDV-212ASK Utility2.12Desktop2.8 MB
LDV-242AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.0Desktop523.4 KB
LDV-242AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.12.1 MB
LDV-302ARC KVM Switcher Software1.0Desktop3.2 MB
LDV-302ARC Quick Installation Guide1.0Desktop352.5 KB
LDV-342ARC KVM Switcher Software 1.03.2 MB
LDV-342ARC Quick Installation GuideRev. 1.1337.2 KB
LDV-DM02ESK, LDV-DM04ESK Quick Installation Guide1.00Desktop875.5 KB
LDV-DM202AU Quick Installation Guide1.81.4 MB
LDV-DM202AUSK, LDV-DM204AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.8Desktop1.2 MB
LDV-DM222AUSK Quick Installation GuideRev. 1.1976.6 KB
LDV-DM224AUSK Quick Installation GuideRev. 1.1976.6 KB
LDV-DM702AUSK, LDV-DM704AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.7Desktop1.0 MB
LDV-DM712AUSK, LDV-DM714AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.70Desktop894.8 KB
LDV-DM722AUSK, LDV-DM724AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.10Desktop605.9 KB
LKA-CR15B UtilityDUSBFor Hardware Revision D only.

For Serial Number A0817LB00001 ~ A0852LB99999
Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP10.0 MB
LKA-CR15B Utility2.00USBFor Serial Number 121070501000 ~ 121080909000
Note: For new model with the USB port located on the right hand side only
Windows Vista10.0 MB
LKA-CR15B, LKA-CR84B Utility and Manual2.30USBFor LKA-CR15B Serial Number 100060000000 ~ 100090000000

For LKA-CR84B Serial Number 99040100000 ~ 99060400000
Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP6.4 MB
LKA-CR811, LKA-CR812 Driver2.00USBOnly for Windows 98SE and Windows 2000 with SP2 and below

For LKA-CR811 Serial Number 110060000000 ~ 110070300000
Windows 98SE, Windows 20007.2 MB
LKA-CR84B Utility and Manual1.24USBFor Serial Number 99060800000 ~ 990609000009.3 MB
LKA-CR84B Utility and Manual2.30USBFor Serial Number 99070100000 ~ present6.4 MB
LKA-EDU2A Drivers and Manual1.00USB2.7 MB
LKA-EDU3A Drivers and Manual1.30USB80.7 KB
LKA-U2P06 Drivers and Manual1.57USB3.1 MB
LKD-6408AU Quick Installation GuideRev. 1.0295.5 KB
LKD-E415 Quick Installation Guide1.1312.0 KB
LKF-5100 Package Driver DiskAdapter494.6 KB
LKG-6100 Package Driver DiskDAdapterFor hardware version D only30.5 MB
LKG-6100 Package Driver Disk1.40AdapterFor Serial Number R07050000000 ~ R075200000002.8 MB
LKG-6100 Package Driver DiskCAdapterFor Serial Number R08300000000 ~ R085200000002.1 MB
LKG-6100 Quick Installation GuideD313.6 KB
LKR-604 Quick Installation GuideCRouter1.2 MB
LKR-604 Quick Installation GuideBRouter2.8 MB
LKR-604 User ManualCRouter3.2 MB
LKR-604 User ManualBRouter1.2 MB
LKS-FCM22T-2, LKS-FCM22C-2, LKS-FCS21C-T40, LKS-FCS21C-R40, LKS-FCS22C-20, LKS-FCS22C-40, LKS-FCS22C-60 Manual3.1Fiber Optic to Ethernet Media Converter83.5 KB
LKS-FCM32T-05, LKS-FCM32C-05, LKS-FCS32C-20, LKS-FCS31C-T20,LKS-FCS31C-R20 Manual3.1Fiber Optic to Ethernet Media Converter74.6 KB
LKS-MC110ST, LKS-MC110SC Quick Installation Guide1.10Fiber Optic to Ethernet Media Converter142.1 KB
LKS-PSU04 Quick Installation Guide3.0USB20.3 MB
LKS-PSU04 Utility1.00USB40.7 MB
LKS-PSU04 Utility1.0USBFor printer sharing setup39.5 MB
LKS-SG16R, LKS-SG24R ManualBRackmount1.2 MB
LKS-SG2419 User Manual1.0Rackmount395.7 KB
LKS-SG5P ManualRev. E961.6 KB
LKS-SG5P, LKS-SG8P ManualDDesktop350.0 KB
LKS-SG9P4 Manual1.0375.0 KB
LKS-SG9P8 Manual1.0384.5 KB
LKS-SH5P, LKS-SH8P ManualD151.8 KB
LKS-SH8P, LKS-SH5P-BC ManualB, CDesktop609.0 KB
LKS-SR16, LKS-SR24 ManualCRackmount409.5 KB
LKU-S02ASK, LKU-04ASK Utility and Manual1.32Desktop2.5 MB
LKU-S02ASK, LKU-S04ASK Quick Installation Guide1.60Desktop400.8 KB
LKU-S02ASK, LKU-S04ASK, LDV-212ASK Utility2.44Desktop639.8 KB
LKU-S04ASK Utility2.47Desktop641.0 KB
LKU-UA02 Quick Installation Guide1.20Desktop798.7 KB
LKU-UA02 Utility and Manual1.10Desktop1.8 MB
LKV-0480, LKV-0880, LKV-1680 Quick Installation Guide1.50Rackmount2.7 MB
LKV-248AUSK Quick Installation Guide1.40Desktop302.4 KB
LKV-7308, LKV-7308-KIT, LKV-7316, LKV-7316-KIT Quick Installation Guide1.10Rackmount245.1 KB
LKV-9208, LKV-9216IP Quick Installation Guide1.22Rackmount3.3 MB
LKV-9208IP, LKV-9216IP User Guide1.6Rackmount16.0 MB
LKV-9304, LKV-9308, LKV-9316 Quick Installation Guide1.30Rackmount551.6 KB
LKV-DM02SK, LKV-DM04SK Quick Installation Guide1.10Desktop853.2 KB
LKV-E132 Quick Installation Guide1.10Extender2.0 MB
LKV-E235 Quick Installation Guide1.10Extender935.1 KB
LKV-E412 Quick Installation Guide1.1Extender2.1 MB
LKV-E432 Quick Installation Guide1.1Extender2.0 MB
LKV-IOP08 Utility and Manual2.83Other5.8 MB
LKV-IPM01 Quick Installation Guide1.10Other1.8 MB
LKV-IPM01 Utility and Manual1.03Other9.8 MB
LKV-L1701P Quick Installation Guide1.00Adapter123.7 KB
LKV-M02 Quick Installation Guide1.40Desktop804.3 KB
LKV-PUC01 Quick Installation Guide1.2Cables & Adapters177.6 KB
LKV-S02ASK, LKV-S04ASK Quick Installation Guide1.40Desktop579.2 KB
LKV-S02SK, LKV-S04SK Quick Installation Guide1.40Desktop1.3 MB
LKV-T02 Quick Installation Guide1.10Cables & Adapters708.1 KB
LKW-G520 Drivers and Utility1.30AdapterWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP7.5 MB
LKW-G553 Drivers1.00AdapterFor Windows Vista with 3 ~ 4GB System RAM Installed

For hardware Rev.B only
Windows Vista279.8 KB
LKW-G553 Drivers1.00AdapterFor Windows Vista with 3 ~ 4GB System RAM Installed

For hardware Rev.B only
Windows Vista289.7 KB
LKW-G553 Drivers and Utility1.10AdapterFor hardware Rev.B onlyWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP6.0 MB
LKW-G553 Drivers and UtilityCAdapterFor hardware Rev.C only23.5 MB
LKW-G650 Drivers & Utility1.20AdapterWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP7.3 MB
LKW-G651 Drivers & Utility2.00AdapterFor Hardware Revision BWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP5.9 MB
LKW-G651 Drivers and Utility1.10AdapterFor Hardware Revision AWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP6.0 MB
LKW-G750 Drivers2.00AdapterFor Serial Number 7S06B00000 ~ presentWindows Vista, Windows 7389.0 KB
LKW-G750 Drivers and Utility1.10AdapterFor Serial Number 060000000000 ~ 069999999999Windows Vista, Windows 7744.9 KB
LKW-G750 Drivers and Utility2.26AdapterFor Serial Number 7S06B00000 ~ presentWindows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP5.0 MB
LKW-G750 Drivers and Utility1.10AdapterFor Serial Number 060000000000 ~ 069999999999Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP5.9 MB
LVS-008E, LVS-004E, LVS-002E1.10Video Splitter1.3 MB